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The 'Sensitive Conversations Made Easier'
... for awkward and courageous parents exactly like you!

You aren't broken if you can't talk to your child about puberty, bodies, sex and consent. 

Feeling awkward and icky is simply a sign that you've not found the right support or been given the right information to make your sensitive conversations easier. 

For the month of March, I am offering a select group of parents a chance to work with me online. My methods are kind and gentle and bring huge changes in how you feel about sensitive conversations. 

If you put in the effort, conversations about the sensitive topics will get easier with your child. 

I know that because I see it all the time.

When you join me in Sensitive Conversations Made Easier you will: 

learn the age-appropriate topics for your child and you

discover strategies and techniques to start talking and answering questions

have your questions answered quickly

be part of a supportive community of like-minded parents

When you have kind and compassionate support and the right information, you can stay on track to easier conversations with your children about puberty, sex, bodies,  consent and even more.

I know you are capable of more than you realise.

Join me and I'll show you.

"I thought I would share an amazing experience your workshop has initiated. My daughter asked me about what I was watching so I told her that I was watching because I had had a very religious upbringing and I felt uncomfortable talking about sex and I didn't want her to feel shame around sex and her body like I did growing up. … I was blown away at the empathy and interest she showed. We ended up in having a completely natural and shame-free discussion about sex myths (she had been told at school you can get pregnant from swimming in a bikini) and even looking up a  few funny youtube videos of people talking about funny things they had grown up believing. Thank you so much I really feel this the first conversation where we have both felt comfortable !"

Mum of 11 yo girl
- Ireland

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